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How Much Does Site Clearance Cost in the UK?

Site clearance costs start from around £300 for an average-sized garden, up to roughly £3,800 for a two or three-acre plot - and choosing a great site clearance professional will ensure the work is completed faster and to the correct standards!

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There are many variables involved, which we'll explain, but it's best to have at least three quotations so you can be confident your site clearance costs offer value for money.

Average UK Site Clearance Costs

Clearing land can be a tough, manual job, and if you're preparing to build a new structure, landscape your garden or bring an overgrown space back into use, it's almost inevitable that you will need to hire a professional.

Contractors will have equipment and tools available such as diggers, waste removal lorries and industrial tractors that will take a fraction of the time to clear a plot of land than if you were attempting the job independently.

The cost of site clearances depend on several factors, not least the size of the land to be cleared, but as an indication:

Site Clearance Work Average Cost
Typical residential garden £300
Two to three acres of land clearance £2,000 - £4,600

If your clearance site has multiple trees, heavy overgrowth, fly-tipped items, large boulders or other tricky materials that are heavy and difficult to move, it may cost more - a contractor will usually need to know these details to be able to provide an accurate quote.

Take a look at this video to see what's involved in demolition site clearance:

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Factors Affecting Your Site Clearance Cost

Site clearance can take an extensive amount of time and energy, but if you have a good idea about how large your plot of land is and what sort of overgrowth needs clearing, it'll help speed up your quotation process.

For example, a contractor will need to know:

  • The type of land - e.g. field, garden, commercial plot, building site.
  • The plot size - if you're unsure of exact measurements, you can check this from your site plans or take measurements to give the contractor a rough idea.
  • Prep work - where access is limited, larger items need to be removed or walls demolished; this will add time and therefore raise the cost of site clearance projects.
  • Location - clearance work tends to cost more in London and other busy urban areas since it's far more difficult to use heavy-duty vehicles.

Usually, a site clearance follows several steps. First, the team will determine which trees, rocks or other elements you wish to retain or which they need to outsource where special handling is required.

Next, they will clear the largest items, such as trees, and dig out the stumps and roots.

Finally, the rest of the site will be cleared, typically with an excavator or a bulldozer, leaving a clear, level plot free of obstructions.

If you need to clear a large open space, you can commission a land survey which evaluates the typography of the plot and helps outline which area you need to be cleared, where your property perimeter lies, and whether there are any hills, dips or bumps that may affect clearance vehicles.

Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Site Clearance Contractor

You might need to clear a site for countless reasons, from building an extension to demolishing an old structure.

Preparation is key because obstacles, waste or invasive plant species can be detrimental to your plans and hazardous materials or environmental risks aren't always obvious.

We would also advise you to hire a skilled site clearance provider rather than attempting the work yourself - the cost of hiring suitable tools and machinery is likely to make it more economical to commission an experienced team!

Here are some of the advantages of using a professional site clearance crew.

Access to Commercial Equipment

Waste and rubble can be heavy, sharp and dangerous, so it is important to have the right equipment to shift large volumes of materials, rocks and dirt.

Contractors use an established approach to clear specific types of waste and will ensure they bring the appropriate tools, equipment and vehicles to clear your site quickly and safely.

Site Clearance Waste Disposal

All the waste removed from your site will need to be disposed of correctly and legally - it is no longer permissible to dump waste at a landfill site.

Accredited, licensed waste carriers recycle as much as 90% of all clearance, including raw materials and green waste, ensuring that your rubble will be handled properly.

It is essential you hire a credible contractor that will use a licensed waste handling firm - anything fly-tipped may be traced back to you, resulting in fines of up to £50,000.

Speeding Up Site Clearance Projects

Missing a step in a clearance job can mean you experience ongoing delays - for example, if you haven't identified drainage or pipework under the ground, don't recognise an invasive plant species, or fell a tree without removing the roots. These unwanted delays can raise the cost of site clearances.

Professional clearance contractors will complete the work much faster than through a manual process and inspect the site thoroughly before signing the work off as complete.

They are responsible for removing and identifying any waste and materials, filing the appropriate paperwork, arranging transport and disposal for everything that has been removed, and ensuring your site is in good condition for the next stage of your plans.

Once you have an understanding of the site clearance costs, other factors to take into account depend on the end result you want to achieve. Whether you want to demolish and rebuild an extension or change the flow of space by removing walls, one factor which you'll need to address is waste removal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Next, we'll run through some frequently asked questions about calculating site clearance costs and the work involved.

What Services Are Included in the Cost of Site Clearance?

Discussing your requirements with your contractor is always best to ensure everything you need is included. Still, clearance of a plot usually means that the firm will remove everything on the land, leaving it empty and ready for construction.

Most site clearance providers deal with trees, bushes and overgrowth, although you can also hire clearance companies who specialise in hazardous or fly-tipped waste.

A land clearance team uses commercial equipment such as diggers, bulldozers and excavating machines and may be able to organise the demolition of any structures or walls on your site before they are cleared away.

Site clearance comprises the removal of trees and stumps, vegetation, and green waste.

Can I Clear a Site Myself?

It really depends on the time, energy and equipment you have to hand! Site clearance can be a very big job, so you must understand the required labour hours, especially if you're clearing land manually with a spade and wheelbarrow.

Sites that don't have any trees and are covered with minimal overgrowth can be cleared, but you will need professional tools to fell trees or lawfully dispose of larger volumes of green waste.

Do I Need Permission to Clear a Plot of Land?

Normally, no, you won't need any permission to clear a site. However, that might change depending on your location and the type of vegetation growing on the plot.

Some local authorities impose tree preservation orders (TPOs) which means you need approval before you can cut down or even cut back any tree protected under this planning law.

You can usually check whether TPOs apply to your area online or contact your local planning office for further information.

How Can I Check Whether My Site Clearance Cost is Competitive?

We recommend you have at least three quotes for any work carried out. That gives you a point of comparison, and you'll quickly see if one estimate is significantly higher or lower than the others.

Please complete some details about your clearance project through our enquiry form, and we'll ensure up to four trusted contractors near you reply with a price estimate.

How Can I Dispose of Garden Waste After a Site Clearance?

The rules around waste disposal depend on the nature of the waste materials. Still, you'll usually pay your contractor to collect the waste from your site and transport this to the appropriate recycling or waste management facility.

Higher volumes of waste mean a higher removal budget and potentially a larger clearance vehicle, so it's wise to inform your contractor if you have any large trees to be cleared to ensure your quote is as accurate as possible.

Can I Have a Site Cleared if There is Hazardous Waste?

Site clearances often uncover hazardous waste such as contaminated soil, chemicals, asbestos or dumped fuel drums - and yes, a site clearance provider will advise on the safest ways to handle these items according to statutory requirements and health and safety regulations.

It is highly unlikely you would be able to remove these items without a high risk or dispose of them through a waste facility. Hence, it is strongly advisable that you use an experienced clearance team if you have any concerns.


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