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Demolition in Sussex: Find a Local Demolition Expert

Demolishing a property, wall or outbuilding in Sussex is often the starting point of a rebuild, renovation or conversion project - but it's never a task you should attempt yourself! Prices vary, but the average cost for a demolition in Sussex is around £2,000 to knock down a garage and up to £32,000 for a whole building.

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Average Costs of Demolition in Sussex

Demolition quotes in Sussex will vary depending on the scope and nature of the job, how quickly you need to proceed, and what sort of demolition methods are best suited.

As a rough idea, we've listed below typical budgets for a range of Sussex demolition tasks.

Demolition Job Average Price
Small house demolition (80 to 120 square metres) £7,500
Large house demolition (200 to 250 square metres) £20,000
Demolition of existing structures £30 per square metre
Garage demolition £2,000
Load-bearing wall demolition £1,500

We'll break down these indicative prices shortly to explain why costs vary and which factors will influence your overall price most!

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Indicative Demolition Budgets for Projects

Of course, the quote you receive from a demolition company in Sussex will depend on what property or element within a building you wish to remove and the volume of waste materials you need your contractor to dispose of.

Hazardous materials such as asbestos will increase the demolition price because a demolition company in Sussex  must make appropriate requirements for safe material handling, transport and disposal.

Next, we'll consider some popular Sussex demolition jobs to provide an idea of how much you may need to budget.

Wall Demolition Sussex

Knocking through a single wall is much cheaper than demolishing an entire building. If the wall is load-bearing, you'll need to apply to your local authority for a building notice, which carries an extra administrative cost.

Typically, a load-bearing wall demolition will cost about £1,500, plus the building notice charge and any fees related to organising a building inspection.

Party wall demolitions can be more expensive since you'll need to hire a party wall surveyor and draft a party wall agreement with your neighbours.

Garage Demolition Sussex

Demolishing a garage is necessary if you'd like to convert part of your home into an extension or free up the space to extend your garden.

Garage demolitions are relatively simple, although larger double or triple garages, or those with an upper storey or storage area, will cost more.

On average, a quote from a demolition company in Sussex for a garage costs around £2,000, including skip hire and removing the concrete slab.

Each demolition in Sussex is different and so it is best to ensure you consider all of the factors above when planning your demolition. Its important to research whether you need planning permission, the costs associated with waste removal and the cost of clearing a house ready for demolition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring a demolition contractor in Sussex for the first time can be confusing - we've answered some frequently asked questions below to give you more understanding of how our demolition quotes service works!

How Much Does a Demolition Cost in Sussex?

The average price for demolition across Sussex is £3,050, although that will vary considerably depending on the details.

For example, demolishing a shed or an old outbuilding will be much quicker and cheaper than demolishing a multi-storey building.

Why Do Sussex Demolition Contractors Quote Different Rates?

Demolitions can comprise a manual process whereby the contractor removes each building element in a specific order, maintaining structural integrity and preserving the materials within the property.

Alternatively, a top-down demolition involves a crane or wrecking ball used to remove one floor at a time, from the roof down to the foundations.

Explosives demolitions are best suited to large-scale demolition projects, where the property can be contained to avoid damage to nearby buildings.

The correct demolition technique, associated equipment, and labour costs will change with each job. Your rates will also differ depending on the skills and tools your demolition contractor intends to use.

How Long Does a Demolition Take?

Much depends on the size and scale of the demolition, and you could be looking at several weeks of planning if you need to knock down an extensive structure.

However, the average demolition project takes four to eight days for a standalone building or small structure and up to two weeks or more for semi-detached or terraced property.

Connected buildings take longer to demolish because the contractor will need to install supports to ensure the demolition doesn't impact the stability of other properties currently linked to yours.

Do I Require Planning Permission to Demolish a House in Sussex?

Although this will vary, most smaller-scale demolitions fall under permitted development rights, so you won't need to apply for full planning consent.

Permitted development may not apply to all demolitions. You will need additional permission to proceed if you live in a listed property or within a conservation zone.

Even where you can demolish under permitted development, you may need to apply for a building notice, which is more likely if your property has interconnected walls with a neighbouring structure.

Demolition work must comply with building regulations, whether or not planning permission is required.

Some contractors can self-certify that their work meets building regulations, although others will need to schedule an inspection to sign off the finished project. Your demolition provider may organise this themselves, or it may be something you need to handle.

Building notices and regulatory approval are important, as it may be very difficult to sell a home in the future with no paperwork to show that the demolition was approved.

How Do I Use the Demolition Quotes Service?

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