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Demolition in Leeds: Find a Local Demolition Expert

Hiring a professional for a demolition in Leeds is without doubt the quickest and safest way to begin remodelling your property - costs vary depending on the nature of the work but tend to be from £2,000 for a small-scale garage or wall removal up to £32,000 for a larger structure.

In this guide, we share average demolition budgets for homeowners in Leeds, with guidance about the elements of the job that will tie into your quotations.

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Average Costs of a Demolition in Leeds

Prices for demolitions primarily depend on the size of the structure and the materials it is built from.

For example, if you are demolishing a small property such as a garage or bungalow, you might pay around £5,000 if the project is straightforward, access is available, and there aren't any complications (such as asbestos).

Bigger demolitions can cost multiple times that, with an average of £20,000 for a large house demolition and potentially more if you have any special requirements.

Below we've run through some average prices depending on the scale of your required demolition.

Structure to Demolish Average Cost
Garage or outbuilding £2,000
Load-bearing wall £1,500
Large property of 200 - 250 square metres £20,000
Small property of 80 - 120 square metres £7,500

Generally, you're looking at around £80 to £120 per square metre, so this is a useful guide if you're trying to calculate an indicative budget.

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Factors That Impact Your Demolition project in Leeds

A Demolition company in Leeds will deliver a professional service and approach each project with the most suitable equipment, demolition techniques and waste disposal methods, depending on the structure and layout.

The biggest cost factors include:

  • Structure size: the more layers of brickwork, insulation, foundations, and flooring, the more the demolition will cost. Most contractors provide a rough price based on volume but will need to organise a site visit to give a more accurate quote.
  • Location: Leeds is one of the less expensive areas to hire a contractor, although if the property is difficult to access, requires preparatory work to make space for heavy-duty vehicles, or needs licensing to place a skip on the road, this will affect the price.
  • Materials: most buildings in Leeds are made from bricks and mortar with concrete foundations. Anything hazardous, non-standard, or requiring careful handling and disposal will factor into your cost estimate.
  • Waste disposal: when your structure or wall has been demolished, your contractor must transport the waste to a suitably licensed waste disposal facility. The volume of waste and nature of the items will dictate the total waste removal costs.

The Stages of a Demolition

If you've never organised a demolition before, it may be useful to get an idea about what's involved!

Demolitions are carried out in stages, and require extensive surveys and calculations to ensure the demolition is structurally safe, will not impact neighbouring properties, and preserves any parts of the building you wish to retain.

The usual steps are as follows:

  • Survey: your demolition company in Leeds will visit your property to inspect the structure's condition and assess whether any dangerous materials are present and the best ways to complete your demolition.
  • Waste management: anything considered hazardous will need to be dealt with first before the rest of the work can proceed.
  • Planning: demolition professionals will create a detailed schedule of work and submit this to the local Building Control department. The plan explains how they will demolish the structure, using what methods, and the health and safety safeguards in place.
  • Approval: before the demolition starts, the contractor will verify whether their plan complies with all the regulatory guidance, such as using PPE and implementing strategies to deal with emergencies.
  • Demolition: once all the initial planning has been done, a demolition company in Leeds will be able to get to work!

Most demolitions take around four to eight days, depending on the complexity of the process.

Each demolition in Leeds is different and so it is best to ensure you consider all of the factors above when planning your demolition. Its important to research whether you need planning permission, the costs associated with waste removal and the cost of clearing a house ready for demolition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Next, we've answered some typical questions about how a demolition Leeds works, how much it costs, and things to consider before choosing your contractor.

What Should I Look for in a Leeds Demolition Company?

You want a contractor with the right skills and experience, who you will be happy to liaise with while they plan and carry out your demolition.

We'd suggest you select a contractor with professional qualifications who is happy to explain the process and answer all your questions so you're happy to proceed.

Our demolition providers in Leeds are pre-approved, so you receive back clear quotations from respected contractors who will carry out the work to the highest standards.

Do I Need Planning Permission to Demolish a Building in Leeds?

Not necessarily no - the Leeds Building Control team manages local demolition work, so it is always worth enquiring before your project begins.

Buildings under 50 cubic metres do not require prior approval. Still, you should report anything larger to Building Control with the contractor's plan - once the work is finished, you will receive a certificate to verify that it meets the relevant standards.

Homeowners in Leeds don't need prior approval to demolish a greenhouse, conservatory or prefabricated shed or garage.

How Can I Reduce the Cost of My Leeds Demolition Project?

One of the best ways to reduce your cost is to see whether you have salvageable materials in your property that hold value.

Things like brickwork, radiators, countertops, roofing tiles and timber can be sold to a reclamation yard through your demolition provider or independently, and the proceeds used to offset the cost of the work.

How Do I Know Whether My Leeds Demolition Quote is Fair?

We aim to provide up to four quotations for every enquiry. That means you can compare pricing, ask questions, and ensure you choose a contractor that offers the best value for money.


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