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How do we work?

Follow the three steps below to get started

1. Tell us about your project

If you're looking to knock down a property and build a new one, we put you in touch with accredited experts.

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We'll find local demolition experts in your area. We have access to approved experts all over the UK

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Find out more about your demolition project

Garage Demolition Cost

garage demolition costs

Cost: From £2,000

Read more

Wall Demolition Cost

cost to knock down a wall

Cost: From £1,250

Read more

Demolition Manchester

building demolition cost

Cost: From £2,000

Read more

Rebuilding a house

cost to rebuild a house

Cost: From £279 per square foot

Read more

Site Clearance Cost

site clearance cost

Cost: Variable dependent on size of space

Read more

Cost to rebuild a house

rebuild a house

Cost: £1,750 - £3,000 per square metre

Read more

House clearance cost

house clearance cost

Cost: £500 - £1,000 for a three bed house

Read more

House demolition cost

house demolition cost

Cost: £115 per square metre on average

Read more

Planning permission needed?

planning permission needed

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Find a demolition expert

demolition services

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Demolition Experts in London

demolition london

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Demolition Experts in Essex

demolition essex

Please click below for more detail

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Demolition Costs and Services

demolition costs and services

Cost: Avg £7.5k small house to £20k for larger house

Read more

Building Demolition Costs

building demolition cost

Cost: From £7,000

Read more

Demolition Services

demolition services

Cost: From £7,500

Read more

Knock down a load bearing wall

cost to knock down a wall

Cost: From £1,250

Read more

Waste Disposal Cost

waste disposal cost

Cost: From £300 for 18yd skip

Read more

Add on or build new?

add on or build

Cost: £30k - £48k for 30 square metre extension

Read more

Cost to demolish an extension

demolish an extension

Cost: £80 - £115 per square metre

Read more

Cost to demolish a garage

garage demolition cost

Cost: From £2,000

Read more

Gutting a house

gut a house

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Demolition Experts in Sussex

demolition sussex

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Demolition Experts in Manchester

demolition manchester

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Demolition Experts in Leeds

demolition leeds

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Tear down and rebuild a house?

tear down a house

Cost: Avg UK rebuild cost is £198k for a 3 bed home

Read more

About Our Demolition Quotes

If you need to demolish a wall, structure, garage or complete building, the costs and management of your project are important.

Demolitions carried out incorrectly can be disastrous - but it takes hours of research to shortlist the accredited professionals in your local area with the skills and equipment for the job.

We take the legwork out of sourcing trustworthy demolition contractors and provide obligation-free quotations on every type of demolition and structural removal work.

  • Full house demolitions
  • Wall demolition quotes
  • Site clearance pricing
  • Waste disposal costs
  • Garage demolition quotes

How We Work

Interested in pricing up your demolition project or getting a rough idea of the cost to demolish an old structure on your property?

Follow these three simple steps to get going!

  • Share your project details with us.

Whether you require an extensive structural demolition or the removal of a supporting wall, we'll connect your project with appropriate local contractors who can help.

  • Tell us your location.

We'll ask for your location to ensure that the demolition professionals we suggest provide services within your immediate area.

  • Get connected with local business and compare quotes

We will connect you with local demolition crews who will be in touch with an indicative estimate to give you an outline of the expected costs. If you'd like to proceed or have an exact quote, you can choose to respond and arrange a good time to schedule a site visit.

Unsure Whether to Demolish or Renovate? Speak to a Nearby Demolition Specialist.

Each demolition contractor will have varying prices, depending on your requirements, location, timeframes and the nature of the project.

Even if you're only looking for a rough pricing idea, we can help you understand all the options and the related costs.

Get a Quote!

About Our Demolition Quotes Service

We support homeowners and property developers looking for reliable quotations for all aspects of demolitions, from internal restructuring projects to full property demolitions.

Our role is to connect approved contractors with local clients and provide an independent vetting process to ensure all demolition crews we put you in touch with are established experts within their field.

As a property services sourcing provider, we aim to ensure that you receive comparable, like-for-like estimates, quotes from appropriately qualified and registered contractors, and an efficient service direct to your inbox.

The Demolition Quotes team focuses on raising standards and price transparency.

As well as offering no-obligation quotations, we provide a wealth of advice and information so you are fully informed about how demolition jobs work and what you expect from your contractor.

In the below FAQs, you'll find answers to some of the common questions we receive about requesting a quotation for a demolition project.

How Does the Demolition Quotes Service Work?

We have access to a considerable network of demolition experts, specialists in complex structural removals and local contractors with experience in all aspects of demolition work through Bark.

When you submit an enquiry or an overview of the project you have in mind, we will show you suitable demolition providers in your area and you can request further information to help you to compile an estimate to help you price up your intended work.

Through Demolition Quotes, you can:

  • Submit some simple details of the demolition you require.
  • Review and choose whether to contact available professionals in your region.
  • Compare like-for-like comparisons without obligation.

Ultimately, you save money on your demolition without the hassle of contacting multiple contractors to obtain quotes!

We help you find reputable tradespeople near you and reliable price estimates without any risk, stress, or potential to be let down by the quality or standards of your selected contractor.

How Many Demolition Quotations Will I Get?

The golden rule is always to compare as many pricing estimates as possible, so you can be confident that the amount you pay offers value for money.

For the vast majority of property owners, we can connect you with more than 3 contractors although note that in more remote areas with fewer demolition professionals, the choice of contractors may be lower.

Having a range of quotes gives you control over your demolition budget and may be a deciding factor in whether you choose to go ahead or opt for an alternative.

If you find that your demolition costs more than expected, you can also revisit our quotation form any number of times to submit different parameters and compare scenarios (such as partial demolition or manual demolition vs explosive demolition), so you can make informed choices.

What Demolition Projects Can I Request Quotations for?

We cover the scope of demolition works and can provide you with quotations and contact details for local demolition crews specialising in:

  • House demolitions
  • Garage demolitions
  • Knocking down load-bearing walls
  • Demolition and rebuilds
  • Extension demolitions
  • Waste disposal
  • House clearances

Let us know some details of the service you require, and we will ensure you receive pricing estimates from appropriate tradespeople.

Is There a Cost to the Demolition Quotes Service?

Not at all - all of the information throughout our site around demolitions and average costs is entirely free, and there is no charge to request quotes, no matter how many times you use the service to explore different options.

There is also no obligation. If you are simply interested in prices for a potential project, you do not need to do anything with your quotes other than keep them handy should you decide to go ahead.

Why Use Demolition Quotes?

We ensure that you get a range of reliable quotes from nearby demolition crews without any obligation.

All you need to do is complete our quick and easy quotation form, and we'll ensure you find the right contractor at the right price.