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Demolition in Essex: Find a Local Demolition Expert

 Whether you're demolishing an entire house, knocking down a load-bearing wall or clearing an old garage from your property, it's essential you have a range of comparable demolition quotes from qualified Essex demolition experts!

The average cost for any demolition in Essex is about £2,000, but, of course, that will vary considerably depending on whether you're knocking down a wall or two or a large three-storey home. Building demolitions tend to go up to £32,000 for a residential property.

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Average Costs of a Demolition in Essex

As we've mentioned, the exact price for your Essex demolition job will depend on the size and nature of the structure you'd like to knock down.

To give you an idea, below, you'll find a table with average prices depending on the type of building you wish to remove.

Essex Demolition Work Average Budget
Demolishing a load-bearing wall £1,500
Demolishing a garage or outbuilding £2,000
Demolishing a small house £7,500
Demolishing a large house £20,000
Demolishing any other structure £30 a square metre

These are rough averages, and several variables will affect your price.

It's worth understanding what will impact your demolition quotations, as the more information you can provide, the more precisely a demolition company in Essex will be able to quote!

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Factors to Build Into Your Essex Demolition Budget

Before a demolition company in Essex is able to present an indicative cost, they'll need to ask about a few different elements of the demolition, which dictate the equipment they need, estimated labour hours, and the cost of waste removal.

You'll normally need to know:

  • The size of the structure you'd like to demolish (this can be approximate if you're only after a price guide at this stage!).
  • What you'd like to knock down - a partial building, extension, garage, conservatory, external wall etc.
  • Materials involved - most Essex buildings are made from standard brick and mortar, but anything older or made from stone could be more expensive to remove. If you're knocking through a garage, you'll need to check whether it has a concrete slab foundation, or a contractor will verify this for you.
  • Timescales - are you in a rush to demolish an old building so a rebuild can begin, or are you happy to wait for the next open availability?
  • Connections - is the demolition structure currently in use or an old derelict building? Are there live electricity, gas, water or drainage connections that will need to be isolated and disconnected?
  • Access - can a contractor drive right up to the building with access for large waste removal lorries, cranes, scaffolding vehicles and a wrecking ball if required? If there are access limitations, this may need preparatory work carried out.
  • Connected buildings - it is far easier to demolish a standalone structure than a building linked to a neighbouring property, such as a semi-detached house. You may need a party wall survey if you wish to knock down something adjoining somebody else's property.
  • Hazardous materials - older properties commonly have asbestos and other dangerous substances such as lead paint. It may be necessary to hire a specialist to check whether there are any such materials on the property if you haven't yet conducted an asbestos survey.

Once you have run through these queries, a demolition company in Essex will have a better idea about the level of work required and the costs involved.

For example, if you want to demolish a structure with four storeys, they will need to schedule scaffolding and likely a crane. A small garage demolition, in contrast, might be carried out manually in just a few days.

Each demolition in Essex is different and so it is best to ensure you consider all of the factors above when planning your demolition. Its important to research whether you need planning permission, the costs associated with waste removal and the cost of clearing a house ready for demolition.



Frequently Asked Questions

Next, we'll work through some commonly asked questions about hiring a demolition contractor and what's involved with the work!

What Does It Cost to Knock Down a Building in Essex?

Average UK demolition prices sit at about £2,000, which is a typical price for an Essex demolition - but that depends on whether you're knocking down a small property or wall or removing a larger scale building.

It's wise to have three quotations as a minimum for any demolition project (even if it is relatively small!) so you can be confident you have a fair price for the work.

What Is the Timescale for an Essex Demolition?

Most demolition jobs take around four to eight working days. Still, if your contractor needs to carry out preparatory work, erect scaffolding or organise permits for things like skip placement and vehicle access, you may need to build in extra time.

Terraced or semi-detached homes take longer to demolish because the tradespeople will need to build supports to ensure the demolition doesn't impact the structural integrity of the building next door.

These projects take up to around two weeks, although a contractor will give you a clearer indication once they've looked at your demolition requirements.

Do I Need Full Planning Permission for a Demolition Essex?

Some larger demolition projects will need permission from Essex County Council before the work begins. Demolitions that tend to require approval include:

  • Any work that impacts a listed building or property within a conservation area.
  • Demolitions of large buildings and any work that requires explosives.
  • Knocking down buildings or structures over a certain height.
  • Work that affects the outward appearance of a property, or is close to a road or a neighbouring boundary.

You will need to inform the local Building Control office of your plan to demolish. The contractor you select should provide a detailed schedule of work which explains how they will ensure the demolition is carried out safely, with details of the protections in place to safeguard workers and the public.

If in any doubt, we recommend contacting your planning office to double-check whether they require you to apply for approval since rules can vary!


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