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Demolition Services: Find a Local Demolition Expert

Choosing an experienced demolition expert can make a considerable difference to the outcome of your project - and ensure you get value for money and the benefit of knowledge about local construction methods and relevant demolition techniques. We can connect you with trusted demolition service providers in your area. 

Hiring a demolition contractor costs an average of £7,500 if you plan to knock down a small house, but this varies substantially depending on whether you're demolishing one load-bearing wall or a large multi-storey structure!

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Average Costs to Hire a Local Demolition Company

As we've mentioned, the cost of demolition services will depend very much on the size and nature of the property or structure you wish to demolish.

Below you'll find a quick table of average indicative costs - we'll explain what to look for in local demolition services next!

Structure Size Average Demolition Cost Average Labour Cost Total Average Quotation
Small property 80 - 120 square metres £5,000 - £10,000 £600 - £2,000 £5,600 - £12,000
Medium property 150 - 200 square metres £10,000 - £15,000 £600 - £2,000 £10,600 - £17,000
Large property 200 - 250 square metres £15,000 - £20,000 £600 - £2,000 £15,600 - £22,000

How to Choose Local Demolition Services

Our services ensure you have a range of comparable, reliable quotes from approved local demolition experts - but if you're going it alone, it's essential you do some research to ensure anybody you hire is appropriately qualified.

Here are some tips and advice about selecting a demolition expert and choosing between short-listed companies.

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1. What do you need to knock down?

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Demolition Pricing

Cost is, of course, a key variable since you want to ensure your demolition is completed correctly but without costing more than necessary.

Quotations for demolition services should be itemised and detailed, so you aren't left burdening extra expenses for jobs you'd assumed were included in the price.

Look out for:

  • Site surveys
  • Building Control applications
  • Waste removal and skip hire
  • Site cleanup

If in any doubt, please ask your contractor to clarify, as it's far better to begin a demolition project with the confidence that you have budgeted for every requirement.

Waste Management Licensing

Demolition contractors should hold the relevant licensing or subcontract to a suitable provider who has Environment Agency approval to deal with demolition waste.

This element is important because the removal and disposal of building materials can be one of the highest costs in a demolition, aside from labour.

A great local demolition company will safely demolish a building or wall, remove all traces of rubbish from the site, and ensure it is recycled, repurposed or disposed of legally and appropriately.

Any demolition quote that doesn't reference waste removal or doesn't specify how the contractor will manage your waste materials should be approached with caution.

Unfortunately, demolition cowboys are everywhere and will usually fly-tip the waste. If this is traced back to you, it could result in a penalty fine of up to £50,000 - so you are responsible for confirming that your contractor holds the right licensing.

Professional Insurance

Insurance is another important factor, and it will cover you if anything goes wrong during the demolition or if an incident causes damage to a neighbouring property or another part of your structure.

All our approved demolition services companies provide proof of professional indemnity insurance before we include them in our UK network!

Demolition Portfolio

Most contractors will have a portfolio of previous projects they have completed. This can be a good way to see other jobs and view the outcome - you might even be able to ask previous customers for a testimonial or review.

The benefit of using a local firm is that you can often visit previous work sites to determine whether the quality of the work meets your requirements.

Timescales for Demolition Services

Very busy demolition experts may have a waiting period. Still, it could be worth delaying your demolition by a few weeks if it means working with a high-demand local business experienced in demolitions.

Cities and regions tend to have different building materials and properties of a specific period, so it may be cheaper to use a contractor who regularly demolishes properties in your area since they'll be able to complete the job quicker.

Company Credibility

It's always worth spending a little time vetting the status of a company you're considering hiring. However, if you're using our demolition services quotation form, we'll have covered this for you already!

Checks on a company are important because it means you can verify that they are a valid, registered or incorporated company, and you can trust their quotation to be accurate.

Equipment and Methods Available

Some contractors specialise in particular types of demolition or may have certain tools or equipment available that are well suited to your project.

Examples could include:

  • Wrecking balls and cranes.
  • In-house scaffolding.
  • Listed buildings experience.
  • Hazardous materials specialists.
  • Hand demolition for sensitive structures.

If you aren't sure of the right approach for your demolition, you should be able to discuss this with your demolition firm to ask for their advice about the safest, quickest or most economical method.

Hazardous Material Controls

Qualified demolition contractors should be familiar with the regulations around hazardous material handling - in the UK, that primarily means the presence of asbestos in roof panels, cladding or ceilings.

Older properties commonly have other dangerous materials, so you should ensure your chosen firm has a detailed plan to remove these items carefully and safely, with an approved disposal method.

Benefits of Hiring Local Demolition Services

Why hire a local demolition company rather than choosing the biggest or cheapest service you can find anywhere in the country?

One of the first considerations is that if your contractor isn't local, you'll immediately pay more for the service to cover additional transport costs, fuel and other services such as skip hire if they aren't sourced from a nearby provider.

The next is that a local demolition services provider will have far greater knowledge about the typical materials, structures and methods used to build properties similar to yours.

This matters because, if your home is fairly old, it may command different techniques and equipment to excavate foundations, break up concrete slabs, or dismantle each storey to ensure the structure remains safe throughout.

Another advantage is that you can review previous projects near you, ask for references, or contact clients to ask whether they would be happy to recommend your contractor.

A professional team will be able to arrange a site visit relatively quickly and book your demolition work on a schedule that is convenient for you.

Questions to Ask a Demolition Provider

It's worth having a list of all the questions you'd like to ask so that you won't be left with anything you're unsure of when you talk to a contractor or discuss your project during a site visit.

Some of the best things to ask are as below.

  • What is included in the demolition quote? Our quotes are usually itemised with a complete breakdown - but if you just have a round number, you must check what is and isn't included in that cost.
  • Are they experienced in local demolitions? The ideal is to hire a contractor who has completed numerous jobs in the local area, with experience in similar projects to yours, and can provide testimonials or a demolition portfolio.
  • Will they provide references? Local references are a great opportunity to confirm whether your contractor meets the right standards - even better, if you can see some previous work, it will show you what they can achieve.
  • Do they have insurance? All our approved contractors have professional indemnity insurance, but if you're hiring elsewhere, you must confirm that protections are in place when you have any tradesperson working on your home.

Ways to Source Local Demolition Services

There are several options if you'd like to find a local demolition expert and want the assurance that the firm you hire is a credible, experienced and reliable company.

  • Recommendations from family and friends - if your neighbour, family member or friend has completed a demolition project and been happy with the service provided, you might be able to use this review to contact the same provider and ask for a quote.
  • Look for locally registered National Federation of Demolition Contractors - the NFDC sets out codes of conduct and standards for UK demolition work. You can search through the database or look for this accreditation on your demolition contractor's website. However, verifying credentials before hiring a company is wise, rather than assuming they are using the logo with permission!
  • Use our quotation service to receive up to four trustworthy quotes from local demolition providers without obligation.

Our service is 100% free of charge, and you can use it as often or as many times as you like - and we'll never hassle you to move forward if you haven't made your mind up!

Read on for a little more information about how the service works and what to expect.

Our Demolition Costs Services

We recognise that hiring contractors or tradespeople for many homeowners can be difficult since they don't have the time to research every potential provider or verify their credentials and experience.

Our demolition costs quotation service ensures that you remain in control at each step, whether you're looking for a general idea of the cost involved with a future project or need to complete a demolition task as quickly as possible.

Here's how it works:

  1. Submit an enquiry form with information about your required demolition services and location. These details help us match you with an appropriate provider in the vicinity of your home.
  2. Receive quotations (based on price estimates) directly from up to four approved contractors within our vetted database. You can keep these for as long as you like, decide whether to proceed in your own time and ask for repeated quotes to check the prices for different possible options.
  3. Discuss with your chosen provider if you want to get going, and they will arrange a good time to visit the property and provide a more accurate quotation.

Each demolition crew we recommend has been pre-approved and is a trusted local professional who will be happy to answer any further questions you may have about your demolition project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Next, we've answered some common questions about hiring a local demolition expert and all the considerations to bear in mind.

How Much Does It Cost to Demolish a Garage?

Demolition costs for standalone garages can start from as little as £500 for a prefabricated structure that doesn't require any specialist equipment.

Larger brick-built garages that are attached to your property cost from around £2,500 to demolish, depending on the type of foundation, the height of the garage and utilities that need disconnecting.

You'll also find that it costs more to demolish a garage with asbestos, commonly found in roof cladding.

Do I Need Planning Permission to Demolish a Wall?

It depends on what you're demolishing, where it is, and how it affects the rest of your property. Most demolitions don't need full planning permission, although a large-scale property demolition is more likely to require formal approval.

If in doubt, we recommend contacting your local planning office, which will be able to provide further advice about the rules, and whether your demolition falls under permitted development rights.

Can I Demolish a Wall That Connects to Another Property?

Yes, you will usually need a party wall agreement confirming your neighbour has consented. Still, a professional contractor can demolish a structure, or part of your property, that links to another wall.

This process can be a little delicate because the contractor will install supports to ensure that the adjoining structure is stable and sustained during each stage of the demolition.