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Demolition in London: Find a Local Demolition Expert

Homeowners and property developers in London and the southeast typically pay around 10% more than the UK average costs of hiring a demolition contractor. Much of this is because of the higher operating costs tradespeople need to pay to operate in this region. However, that makes it even more crucial that you have a range of comparable, reliable quotes for demolition in London to ensure you're getting excellent value for money!

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Costs of Demolition in London

As we've mentioned, demolition costs in London are marginally higher than in other areas, so it's worth getting like-for-like quotations so you can be confident that the price you pay is reasonable and you're getting quality work for your budget.

Below we've listed some of the average costs for a London demolition, depending on the structure you'd like to knock through and the dimensions.

Demolition Project Average Cost in London
Garage demolition £3,000
Load-bearing wall demolition £2,000
Small house demolition of 80 to 120 square metres £10,250
Large house demolition of 200 to 250 square metres £27,500
Complex demolition requiring specialist tools £32,000

We'll explain some of the factors that influence your cost, but it's important that you know what is and is not included, so there aren't any surprises once work begins.

For example, does your demolition quote include waste removal, skip hire and scaffolding, or will you need to budget for these outgoings separately?

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Calculating a London Demolition Budget

One of the reasons London demolitions can cost slightly more is that there is a greater likelihood of having access restrictions.

Properties within central London normally have a few extra considerations that a demolition company in London  will need to build into their pricing:

  • Tight road access, with limitations on heavy-duty vehicles such as skip lorries or waste removal trucks.
  • Restrictions on scaffolding with adjoining or nearby neighbouring structures.
  • Extended permission requirements such as storing a skip on the roadside, applying for a parking permit, covering congestion zone charges or needing to implement safety measures where there are rail lines or schools close to the property.

Some demolition companies in London will also specialise in particular projects, such as demolishing multi-storey buildings or handling asbestos in period properties.

Demolition methods are a cost factor since if the property to be demolished needs to be taken apart by hand, it will take longer and require more labour than using a wrecking ball on a demolition in a remote area.

A demolition company in London will also need to review the number of buildings, walls or structures, the size of the property you'd like to demolish, and the type of construction before they can offer an accurate price.

If you have materials within the wall, garage, outbuilding or property that are reusable, you might be able to reduce your demolition costs since a high proportion of building materials can be repurposed or sold as salvage.

The higher the volume of waste materials, the higher the demolition budget since the demolition contractor will need to cover waste disposal costs through an approved waste management facility. It's also important to assess whether any other costs are involved, such as house clearance costs ahead of demolition and planning permission costs for demolition in London.


Frequently Asked Questions

Next, we'll answer some questions regularly received about the costs of demolition in London and the factors to be aware of when planning your project.

How Does a Demolition Contractor Calculate the Cost of a Job?

Normally, a contractor will start by working out the square footage of the property or wall to be demolished, which will help them get a good idea about the size of the project, the volume of materials, which demolition method to use, and how long it will take.

From there, they will ask you to provide further details about the type of materials, location, access routes and timescales to finesse their pricing estimate to match your requirements.

How Long Does It Take to Demolish a House?

A lot depends on the size and type of house you want to knock through. Most London properties are located fairly close to another building, and if you wish to demolish a terraced or semi-detached home, it can take around two weeks to complete the work.

Standalone properties are easier to demolish since the contractor won't need to worry about putting supports in place to protect the structural integrity of the neighbouring structure.

However, experienced demolition contractors in London will be well versed in this type of project. They will be able to provide advice on the best approach to complete your demolition quickly and safely.

How Much Does It Cost to Demolish a Wall in a London Property?

Skilled professionals should always remove load-bearing walls since mistakes could mean that the upper floors of your home are not properly supported, with a risk of collapse.

Demolishing a wall is a relatively simple job and will normally take around two to three working days, depending on the materials the wall is built from and the size of the RSJ beam you require.

Average wall demolition costs are around £1,500, but in London, this increases to £2,000.

Why Is It More Expensive To Hire a Demolition Firm in London?

Londoners will be aware that living costs in the capital are significantly higher than elsewhere, which is why living wage minimums are greater than for the rest of the UK.

Along with higher living costs, contractors must pay higher labour rates, skip hire charges, travel costs, parking permit fees and material charges, which tie into your overall demolition quotation.

How Can I Check if My London Demolition Quote Is Reasonable?

We always recommend getting three quotes for any work you have carried out on your property, so you can compare prices and ensure you're happy with the amount quoted.

Complete the below form, and we'll connect you with up to four approved London demolition providers, so you have plenty of information about what your project should cost.


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