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Demolition in Manchester: Find a Local Demolition Expert

Whether you're planning a small-scale outbuilding demolition or want to knock through an old house to rebuild, it's equally important to have reliable quotes from qualified local contractors. The average costs of demolition in Manchester start from around £2,000, or roughly £5,000 for a basic structure. However, if you need to demolish an entire building or a multi-storey structure, your budget may need to be £32,000 or above, so value for money will make a big difference!

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Average Manchester Demolition Prices

It can be tricky to provide an exact price for Manchester demolition works since this will vary depending on the size and scale of the project, the structure you'd like to demolish, complexities such as hazardous material, and how easy the site is to access.

Small house demolitions cost an average of £7,500 and up to £20,000 for bigger residential homes, whereas most garage demolitions come in at about £2,000.

The table below shows pricing in square metres to help you calculate your anticipated demolition cost.

Demolition Size Average Cost
80 to 120 square metres £5,000 - £10,000
150 to 200 square metres £10,000 - £15,000
200 to 250 square metres £12,000 - £20,000

Next, we'll discuss some of the parameters and variables that will impact your Manchester demolition price so you can start to get a clearer idea of the total budget requirements.

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Calculating the Project Cost of a Demolition in Manchester

A demolition company in Manchester will often provide a ballpark figure based on estimated measurements, but they'll need to organise a site visit to deliver a more accurate quotation.

The larger the property, the more equipment and tools the demolition will require, and the higher the volume of waste to dispose of, so this factor is one of the biggest influences on your demolition costs.

Demolition Equipment

A demolition company in Manchester will use various demolition methods and techniques, which depend on the type of demolition, neighbouring properties and whether you're knocking down a wall, a floor, or a whole structure.

Equipment and tools carry varying costs, so if you need a wrecking ball, crane, earth moving equipment, high-powered machinery and heavy-duty vehicles, the price will inevitably be higher than for a manual demolition.

Demolition Method

There are three primary types of demolition:

  • Manual demolitions, as they sound, are carried out by hand. Although the work is more labour intensive, it is also faster to demolish a small structure in this way when commercial machinery is not required.
  • Top-down demolitions usually use a wrecking ball to remove the roof, followed by each element of the building from the roofline down to the foundations.
  • Explosive demolitions are used to demolish large structures, such as high-rise blocks, and are a very fast option. However, this is only possible for properties without interconnecting buildings or proximity to other houses.

Hazardous Materials

If there are any health hazards present, especially asbestos, your demolition will cost more because the contractor will need to ensure they have the right handling equipment, responsible waste disposal plan and PPE to protect their crew.

Asbestos is commonly found in properties built before 1990, and a specialist asbestos surveyor will need to verify the presence of the material and in what parts of the building.

Other fixtures that may be an asbestos risk include guttering, cladding and pipework.

Site Access

Demolition sites with limited access or no access for heavy vehicles can be more costly because a demolition company in Manchester will need to carry out preparatory work to ensure they can complete the demolition.

If the property is in a built-up area such as a city centre, then further precautions will be required to protect passers-by.

Each demolition in Manchester is different and so it is best to ensure you consider all of the factors above when planning your demolition. Its important to research whether you need planning permission, the costs associated with waste removal and the cost of clearing a house ready for demolition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you hire a Manchester demolition contractor, it might be worth reading through our FAQs to see if we can answer any of your queries!

How Long Does It Take to Demolish a Building?

Like many aspects of a demolition Manchester project, the exact time scale will vary between jobs. Most demolitions take about four to eight working days from start to finish.

If you want to knock down a terraced or semi-detached building, this becomes longer because the contractor will need to add supports to prevent damage to the adjoining buildings.

You may also need to hire a party wall surveyor to knock through a wall connected to another property, which will further impact the timeframes.

How Much Does a Demolition Manchester Garage Project Cost?

Knocking down a garage in Manchester is significantly quicker and easier than demolishing a home.

If you have an old garage and want to increase your garden space or demolish a garage to build a new extension, this is usually more viable than converting a functional garage into an attractive part of your home.

Most garage demolitions cost £500 to £2,000 - all the above factors apply, so a single garage will be cheaper than a double, but the cost will be higher if there is any asbestos present.

How Much Does It Cost to Demolish a Bathroom in Manchester?

Internal room demolitions are more of a strip-out service. Still, it may be worth hiring a professional to remove tiling, fixtures, flooring and plumbing - they will also manage the waste removal and disposal according to Environment Agency regulations.

This type of work also varies in cost depending on size and complexity - please use the usual form and specify your project details, and we'll be in touch!

How Do I Use the Demolition Quotes Service?

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